On My Way

Best moment of the day: the Pagan woman who hung around all the way through me singing King Henry and then came up to me to flash her pentagram. And we had a great talk about mythology. That was the kind of thing that happened a lot at Faire, and I have really missed it.

It is actually possible for me to do this. The Universe will provide, provided I put in the time. I played for about an hour at Berkeley BART and I made $11.50. I figure to get to Ireland and back, stay in hostels or campgrounds, hitting the places I need to, take the sail/rail to England and back to Ireland, and maybe squeeze in a few extras, I’ll need about $5000. If I can consistently make $10/hour, that’s about 500 hours of singing.

I’m planning on Tuesdays for busking and open mike at this point, and I don’t plan on only doing an hour a day. Today I did stupid things because it’s been so long since I’ve been on the street. I know better than to try and sing above ambient noise–school groups and trains, in particular. I stopped when my throat started to warn me and my arm and neck started to flare up. Knowing when to stop is a big part of this. I’m fine today, and able to go out again. Ignoring those signals last summer cost me my job. I was able to compensate a bit yesterday by alternating straight a capella with drum and voice, and I was still getting tipped. When I got home, I lay down, put my busking playlist on iTunes and learned/remembered I knew new material.

Worst case, if I played only an hour a day on Mondays and Tuesdays, that would be 100 hours a year right there. That makes it doable in a little over two years. Other opportunities will also present themselves and probably cut that time. Adding a CD to the busking will certainly help, and I’ll do so as soon as I’ve gotten enough material together. Plus I have the internet, a resource that wasn’t available to me before. If you didn’t get a tape from me at a Faire, you never heard of me. I remember finding out that one of my fans had left a copy of my tape in Ireland. I was ecstastic to even think of my music having gotten that far!

So I’m $11.50 up, $4988.50 to go.

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