Freight and Salvage Last Night

Busking total: $5.00  $4977.10 to go.

The freight is a very welcoming place. I met a bunch of the regulars last night. I am definitely coming back, for the companionship, and the music.  One set of them is doing a show there on August 30th. I heard two of them separately last night, and they are well worth seeing. Depending on when my seed group leaves for the Highland Games, I’ll be there myself.

The other serious standout was a little girl named Kaya Stuart who I hope has a long and wonderful career ahead of her. She did a song called “Friendship,” accompanying herself on the piano. She sounded a whole lot older than 7 years old. I felt like I was hearing someone who will soon be recorded, or should be.

I stayed till the end of the show, and had a nailbiting ride home when I realized I’d left my lights on the windowsill. Worth it in every way, at least the streets are quiet on a Tuesday night.

The Freight has a deal going with ConcertWindow where for $3 you can see the show via computer. Don’t know how exactly this works, since I’ve been at the show the last two weeks, but it looks like it’s worth checking out. De Temps Antan is playing tonight, and I bought a single pass to see how it is, as I love Quebecois music and can’t go on down there tonight. Have to work tomorrow, and it takes an hour to get home on transit/bike. This would be a great way to see shows at a bargain price.

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