Video Doesn’t Lie

(edit) Busking total: $5.65 $4971.45 to go

My partner managed to capture my open mike performance off Concert Window last night, and she’ll be able to do so consistently. I’ll also have another view because one of the performers set up a good camera and was kind enough to turn it on for anyone who wanted it.

Have I said enough times how cool these folks are? This is a great venue to come down to and learn your craft. For less than $5 you get a chance to perform on a professional stage, with real sound equipment, and even be broadcast. You also get to hang out with musicians who are supportive, welcoming, and give honest feedback. And sometimes, like last night, you even get a chance to have a look at your own performance from the audience’s perspective.

Mine was a mix of beautiful and cringe-making. I expected no less. But I thought I had done a better job when I walked off the stage than the vid showed. This is a tool I didn’t expect to get, and am incredibly grateful to have. If I can’t see it, I can’t fix it.

The song I did last night was Todd Rundgren’s For Lack of Honest Work. Because it says some things that need to be heard right now. Too many people have played by the rules in a game that is heavily rigged. And a lot of people are screwed. Which leads me to the latest doings at Underwater Acres. I’m likely not going out today because we’re going to have a friend moving in for a couple of weeks, and setting up a workstation for the near future while she looks for a place to live. So I spent this morning covering over the floor heater, which we don’t use because it is ancient, expensive to run, and only heats one room. It was an empty corner anyway, it’ll do for now. A micro office in a micro homestead. In times like these we have to stick together. If I hadn’t managed to snag the job working with volunteers back in February, it could well have been us on the street.

Next I need to rearrange this front bedroom and free up a desk, then run an ethernet connection, play with furniture, etc. There is no space in this place, but you start playing tetris with what’s here and hey presto, the walls move out. Magic of the finest kind.  By making room and making connections, all our positions become more secure. We are our own social safety net, and so the web grows stronger.

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