Honest Work

Busking total: $7. $4964.45 to go.

Someone tried to convince me to put money in my own bowl recently. They were trying to be kind. As they said, who would know?

I would know. And if I don’t believe in myself, why should anyone else? I can’t say that the idea hasn’t occurred to me as well, after all, $5 here, $5 there, who would know? I can afford it, and it would often double my take. But it wouldn’t be honest. More than that, I think it would block something I don’t even know the shape of yet. I feel in a very real way that if I start to cheat, no matter how harmlessly, I will sabotage what the Universe has in store for me. I have to trust this task and walk this path to wherever it takes me.

Today was hard, though it started easy. I was on my first song, a whistle tune, and a guy came up and handed me a 5 dollar bill. Made me stop playing to take it as a matter of fact. I said thanks, he walked off without another word. Odd, but hey, fine by me. In the next two hours I made two dollars more. I remembered I knew two more songs than I came out with, blew one badly. The drunk sitting against the wall opposite me was making fun of me for that one. Everyone’s a critic 😉 I’ll be pulling out the drum in a bit and getting it right. I’ll also be working on whistle tunes. Not because of the guy, because I think that if I play Sheebeg Sheemore one more time I’ll die, and it’s the only one I can get right at the moment.

I haven’t picked up a tinwhistle for more than a tune or two in years. It used to be something I always had in my bag. I used to climb trees regularly just to sit and play. Time to spend some time on the Berkeley campus getting my tunes back.

Tomorrow, busking and packing for the Pleasanton Highland Games. I’ll be spending a fair amount of time in the campground with my whistle and my drum, getting more of those songs and tunes back. If you’re there, look around. I’m with the wild Celts in the parking lot, I’ll be the barefoot one in the blue leine.

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