Adventure Awaits

I’m about to set off for the Highland Games in Pleasanton. The Wild Celts of my seed group go every year, and it’s as close as I’ve been able to get lately to going back to Faire. The Games are great, but hanging out in the parking lot, playing music, watching the boys beat on each other with swords, and crafting, now that’s a way to spend a weekend!

I was asked to bring athollbrose, which means I got to play some interesting games with my gear. Being without a car makes most out of town trips adventures. Being unable to carry a pack any more is just another interesting wrinkle. I have a luggage rack and a pack, and in it, along with a tent, sleeping bag, ground pad, and my brat and leine, I have two quarts of whisky, a half gallon of oat water, and 3 lbs of honey. All well padded with my gear, but gods help me if anything goes wrong on the way!

Athollbrose is a forerunner of the Irish cream liqueurs we drink today. The recipe is simple:
1 qt. cheap whisky
1 qt. oat water
1 qt heavy cream
Honey to taste.

Oat water is made by soaking a couple of pounds of rolled oats in water enough to cover by a few inches overnight. Do not use steel cut oats! Pour off the top water and save it. Squeeze the oats in cheesecloth or in a fine strainer and you will get a thick gummy fluid. Add enough of the top water back to make a quart.

Back in the days when I spent as much time as possible hanging out in times past, we used to make this stuff to take with. It was cheap, kept well, and tastes marvelous. We called it Scottish instant breakfast. Good times, good memories. Those folks are scattered to the four winds now, but there are new faces, and new memories to be made yet.

2 Replies to “Adventure Awaits”

  1. And so you come over to the Dark Side… We invented yet another new drink this weekend. Scoffee–Athollbrose in coffee. “Scottish coffee” was too much to bother to say after a couple of cups.


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