Busking Total From The Past

An inexplicable thing happened a few days ago. I popped open a TARDIS that as supposed to be filled with pennies and found quarters. it reminded me of how often we mistake gold for dross in life, as well as confused the crap out of me. Unexpected messages from the past can be like that.

We were robbed a couple of months ago. Both laptops, cameras, and every bit of cash in the house. Including all my busking money, present and past, and the price and then some of an iPod mini I will be buying for the trip–because the particular means of saving I used to accumulate that much money is something that never stops. I’m already halfway there, as a matter of fact.

Oddly enough, they didn’t get anything of real value. All they took was money. Our backup drives were both there untouched, so we didn’t even lose our data. I’m in the process of replacement. We were given an iMac and some nonfunctional laptops, and my partner is good at computer repair and upgrade, and so we have, if not the same functionality we did before, more than enough to get us through. Most of all, we know whom we can count on.

The glass is half full, and this odd TARDIS trick just confirms that. I made that money back on the streets of Northern Faire in Black Point Forest. How the Doctor got it to me, I may never know, but I don’t care. It put me over the top of $500 out of the busking bowl and that is good enough for now. I feel fine about counting it, even though it hit the bowl in the 1990s. If I’d known then what I know now I’d have long ago saved all that money for just this purpose.

It feels like it’s too late, but I know better than that. We can only start from where we are and “coulda shoulda woulda” is unproductive at best. I have no time to waste. This is why I’m carrying my drum to work with me at least one or two days a week now–no, strike that–every workday, starting next week. It’s not always possible to get a spot, 4:30 PM is a challenging time to say the least, but sometimes I get lucky. And every quarter counts!

So, busking total from the Past: $42.62. $478.38 to go!

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