Art Is What You Make It

I got a lot done today, though I feel as if I did nothing but play. My new logo is finished, it’ll also be my next album cover. Here’s a t-shirt I made today to play with concepts:

ImageMy partner was instrumental in this. She took a rough sketch I made and turned it into art. I traced her finished product to make the shirt. Carbon paper is a beautiful thing. I did the letters in Word and printed the text on thick paper so I could cut a stencil. Carbon paper doesn’t work on thick leather, and this project was originally another sign. She’s now going to take the finished idea and turn it into my next album cover.

My partner is a graphic artist–I know just how lucky I am to have her around. I can trace and paint and sew, but I can’t draw to save my life. She also has mad computer skills, and she redid my first album cover from the cassette j card (which she also made) to a CD wallet. Now all I have to do, besides get the things printed, is find someone who can take my old digital audio tape master and turn it into a CD.

Tomorrow, back to the transit stations.


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