We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us

Some things never change, I suppose…

Here is a song for the Anthropocene Age: Kali is Here

We are as gods in our effect, if not in our awareness. A scary thought, to be sure, but ultimately a hopeful one, because the seeds of destruction and of creation are in our hands. We are Kali, with the power to make this planet into a garden, or a charnel house.

This isn’t a song anyone has wanted to hear, so far. It has never gotten me tipped. But the BART stations have allowed me to refine it a bit, and today I got the skeleton recorded.

The lyrics are below:

Kali is Here

Kali’s dancing feet tear the earth below her
Kali’s dancing feet churn he earth to mud
Her victory song drowns the scream of Gaia
Where is gentle Shiva to call her home?

Once we were young, dancing with Gaia
Once we bowed to make her hand rise higher
Opened our hands for summer’s bounty
Gave her what was due when winter came

But we forgot, summer came easy
Bent her pliant body further back
Took what was there, Gaia had plenty
Turned our backs when others did the same


Deaf to her pleas, said “we can’t hear you”
Wouldn’t see the horror in her eyes
But when she wept, we were transfigured
Licked her tears before they touched the ground


And as we danced, faster and faster
Crammed our mouths so full we couldn’t taste
Drinking her dry, fruit out of season
Trampling any voice that shouted “stop”


What have we gained, we who are living
We’re the arrow pointed at our chest
Why do we dance, where are we going
Can you see the face beneath our foot?

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