Going Off Script: Bealltaine Rites, May 2016

This is… Perfect. Great ritual comes from the heart– and it’s a *conversation,* not a script.

Tree of Many Feathers

Last evening, I joined friends around a fire for the Rites of Bealltaine led by Father Powl. It was quite the party, in the best of Druidic traditions. Powl’s rites of spring, cast in the image of the old rites, have plenty of offerings to the patron gods/goddesses of his order, the fey, and the spirits of the natural world. And, too, naked and gorgeous men jumping the fire, recognitions of new members of his grove, a good deal of carousing, bawdy jokes, and ribaldry. . .  all the best of human shenanigans which make my naughty heart so happy.

Each year, spring rites generally remind me of why I am on the “pagan” path. But, Powl’s rites are truly special and remind me of why I’m on the particular path that I have now chosen. I leave these rites feeling so much love for a good sacred circle. The best circles are. . . not just people…

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