We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

The wind is up. The chimes are ringing it inside, even though the windows are shut. We keep things we don’t want to deal with out with walls of glass. We don’t want to see it, we have enough to deal with. We don’t want to know if other peoples’ belongings are being blown across the room, but hard as we try, sooner or later the news gets in. Yesterday, an unfit Justice was confirmed. And we have been forced to look at the three cups lying spilled before us. So many of us have been sexually assaulted. So many more of us have provided aftercare for someone who has. Many had no one at all to turn to when it happened. Some are silent to this day. We all had the last three weeks and more blasting us with the details that can’t help but force us to stare at the cups of our own past.

You’re damn right we’re sick of this shit. We’re blazingly angry, to terrified, and all the shades of emotion in between. Many of us sit in our houses of glass, hoping no one will throw the first stone.

We have a choice right now. Way back when, if we thought about it at all, we couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that if we’d been in Nazi Germany, we’d have been one of the good guys. Now is the time we find out how accurate we were. There will not be jackboots in the street tomorrow, it doesn’t work like that. It’s in the little things. Quietly changing the filibuster rules to allow a simple majority to confirm a Supreme Court Justice. Declaring Social Security and the rest of the social safety net that we’ve all collectively built from our tax dollars, a safety net that is available equally for all of us, but disproportionately paid for by the 99%, an entitlement, not a return on an insurance system we all pay for with every paycheck. Before you get all crazy about the fact that people pay into it at equal rates, and that people paying the limit pay more actual dollars, I’d say that if you stop that argument there, you know the price of everything but the value of nothing.

The way to a better world is paved with the little acts. First and foremost, voting. When we come out of our houses of glass, we will find a lot of things that need doing. We haven’t done our Civics homework for a long time. Our first assignment is to make sure we’re registered to vote, know our polling place, know the requirements to vote, whether early voting is an option and if so, where and when that can be done, whether there are any significant barriers to voting in our state, county, country… When I was in school, some of this was covered in 8th grade. I doubt it is any more, but still, if you don’t know these answers, this is your first assignment. The same work applies to your representatives with whom, at this point, you should be contacting regularly. Congress isn’t in charge of us, they were hired by us. The only way to un-hire them is to go, en masse, every two to four years and use your vote to decide—together. Right now, we still have the vote, more or less. Instead of allowing our representatives, many of whom do not have our best interests at heart, to continue to chip away at our right to vote, we need to expand the franchise! If criminals have paid their debt to society, surely they should receive their right to vote back as well as their freedom. Part of freedom is being able to choose our leaders—at least there was something in the Declaration of Independence about that.. While that document of course does not have the authority of law, again, if you stop there, you know the price of everything and the value of nothing. So while we have the vote, it is our responsibility, to all the people who fought to secure it for us, to use it, in every election.

We won’t end up in Nazi Germany. Our demise will wear another face. A ruined planet. Slavery to our financial overlords, for as many of us as are left. The loss of the remaining forest cover—the lungs of the world—if it continues, will trigger changes in the biosphere that we can’t predict. Just because we don’t know what exact form they will take doesn’t mean they won’t come.

Those are the three cups before us. Behind us, however, are two more. We won’t know what’s in them unless, despite our grief, we turn around and look at them.


Morgan Greer Tarot: Bill Greer and Lloyd Morgan

The Celtic Tarot: Kristoffer Hughes and Chris Down.

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