Indigeneity and Celtic Druidry

Interesting, cogent question. East Bay Druids in the San Francisco Bay Area also welcomes everyone to our study group and twice yearly rituals.

British Druid Order Blog

Some people have some trouble seeing Druidry as an “indigenous” tradition because , for one thing, the Celts were famous migrants who came to the British Isles relatively late in their travels. The Druids did not build the stone circles like Stonehenge or Newgrange, they merely adopted them. The origin of Celtic culture lies far away in the Hallstatt zone of Central Europe that includes the Alpine region (Southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria) and Bohemia/Czeck regions. Also… being Celtic has never been a cohesive ethnicity or genetic purity. A DNA study of Britons has shown that genetically there is not a unique Celtic group of people in the UK. …

Some people think that it is not helpful to think of Druidry as an indigenous tradition. That this risks trapping Druidry in the genetic “whiteness” trap whereby being a Druid means being of Celtic ancestry which then is interpreted to be…

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