Fifty Cent Beer


Bicycling across town is a great example of the permaculture principle of stacking functions, now more than ever. Even factoring in the fact that I’m dancing with traffic, it is still one of my safest ways across town, the others being public transit and a shared gig car. It allows me time to think, I get exercise, and it costs nothing. I have a much better idea than many of what my neighborhood looks like, where the tent cities are and how they are evolving (sadly)and I carry an ever growing street map in my head.

This post, though, is the fifty cent beer I was talking about when I told you I’d post weekly, no matter what. After riding across town to supply our tiny homestead, I found myself short of time to write. So this is unedited, stream-of-consciousness, and much more like what my livejournal used to be. It even includes beer! And a recommendation for a good place in Oakland to get some! Takeout, of course, in this time of COVID, but I’ve been in Federation Brewing’s taproom before and it was a nice surprise to see them open for takeout on the way back from the store. I picked up a 4 pack on the way home–three IPAs and an oatmeal stout, and had a lovely lunch of cheese and beer after unloading groceries. Hope to actually be able to go in there again someday.

See you next week, hopefully with something more substantial.


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