WOMAN!! Embrace YOU. YOU ”WOMAN” , are Extra ordinary !!

This is the most uplifting, courageous thing I’ve ever read. No one I know–NO ONE–has fought so hard for her education. May the women of Ghana rise.



PS: The extra ordinary woman is the everyday woman you meet on the streets, in the driveway or in your office. She has feelings just like everybody, she has good days and bad days just like everybody, and she makes mistakes just like everybody. The only thing she does differently is she lets nothing stop her from achieving her goals and when she fails, she keeps trying, when she falls, she rises..

Ever since I can remember, one of the things I always heard and keep hearing is ‘’Women Talk’’. True statement!. And this statements has been a topic for discussion and has been used as jokes on different platforms at different places in different times, something to laugh about if you can only find the humor in it.  But what if you don’t? One scenario that keeps popping up in my head is from my days in primary school…

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